Consulting & Project Review

Rbhu works with event producers to conduct a safe and permittable environment. We review documents and provide site visits to examine the structural integrity of the sculptures.

Structural Analysis for Static & Kinetic Sculptures

We provide the structural components of your static or kinetic sculpture based on site loading requirements to assure a safe, feasible structure. Components include frames, plates, bolts, welds, guy-wires, footings, and anchors.

3D Modeling & Rendering

We convey your pencil sketch to the virtual world via 3D modeling. The model enables a fuller understanding of the scale and aesthetic properties of your sculpture, while virtual rendering visualizes it on the designated site.

Stamped Drawings & Calculation Package for Permit

Permits are typically required for public sculptures. Rbhu prepares all the needed engineering permit documents, including calculation packages and stamped drawings.

Research & Development

Rbhu seeks to push the boundaries of structural and artistic possibility. We work with you to assemble the talent required to create a first of a kind interactive experience.

Structural Drawings

We create detailed structural engineering drawings from our analysis that can be used for construction and permit.